DoubleShot of Covers


We hit the studio recently to record a couple of covers. That's right-- our take on a couple of already famous tunes. DoubleShot is a two song release of us rockin' out John Mellencamp's "Hurts So Good" and the epic "Long Cool Woman" by The Hollies. Head on over to iTunes and check them out.



Presenting "Half-Loaded"

Free new music!

A little funk, a little rockabilly, a little soul. We told you it was on its way and now it's here. These three all new tunes from Sullivan DeMott were recorded with YOU in mind. We want to keep you, the rock 'n' roll fanatic, fed! Thanks for your support and enjoy the free downloads! Keep rockin!

Download "Half-Loaded" Now!

A Two Guitar Salute -- Free Tunes Around the Corner

On the heels of the release of our full-length album, "Live For Today," Casey and I just can't stop rockin' out. Workin' on continuing to spread the ruckus, we have recorded a special online-only release, featuring three new songs from Sullivan DeMott.

The new release is a knock-out combo of tunes, pulling from a number of our influences. With some funk, rockabilly, and R&B groove, the three songs hit hard and will help quench your thirst for some rock 'n' roll.

To give a two guitar salute to all of you who have supported our debut release, we're going to hook up everybody who picked up a copy of "Live For Today" in the year 2009 with free access to the downloads. (If you know anybody who hasn't grabbed the album, they still have a couple weeks to grab the album and get the bonus tracks-- so let 'em know.)

This our way of saying thanks! We'll have more info soon and the samples are right around the corner!

Way Back Home MP3 Free Download

To continue to spread our music, we have decided to release a track from our recent album as a free downloadable track across the internet. The song, Way Back Home, has proven to be a favorite track for those of you who have already picked up a copy of "Live For Today," so it only makes sense to get one of our more popular tunes out there, gratis, for people to hear. Go ahead and download the track, rock out to it, and pass it along to your friends who will also dig it.

Download "Way Back Home"

Keep Rockin!

P.S. If you like what you hear, our album Live For Today is now available chock-full of groove-tastic and ruckus rock 'n' roll